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Hyvinkää has conference venues for both small groups and big seminars. The facilities owned by the city of Hyvinkää include both classrooms and auditoriums for hire.

Hyvinkää City Hall

The City Hall lobby; the space fits approximately 80 chairs/60 seats with tables, and unfurnished 190 people. The space can be rented outside office hours. On Monday evenings the Kallio meeting room is reserved for the city’s own use.

 Kankurinkatu 4-6
 Reservations at

Catering can be booked from cafe Donner which is located next to the lobby. Tel. +358 (0)45 150 9090,, or the catering service of your choice.

Conference and Training Facilities of Koy Wanhan Villatehdas

- Studio Donner, which is a black box performance space, can also be used as a conference and seminar venue. If the ascending auditorium is used, the space seats 119 people.
- Rulla for 50 people
- Nosturi for 50 people
- Kehräämö for 26 people
- Rukki for 10 people
- Neula for 10 people
- Kutomo for 12 people
- Värttinä for 16 people

  Kankurinkatu 4-6
 +358 19 8712 200 

Hyvinkääsali (Hyvinkää Hall)

The hall seats 420 people and it is well-suited to holding seminars.

 Kauppatori 1
 +358 40 155 6252 (In Finnish)

Wanha Areena Oy

Sports and event hall

- good for football and Finnish baseball, floorball and athletics. 1.11.- 1.4. the field has an artificial turf.
- the rest of the year the space is used for events and fairs that are attended by over 1,000 people.

Kankurinkatu 4-6
 +358 40 504 5523 (In Finnish)

Hyvinkään Art Museum

Kaapo’s Gallery
- 100 m² of exhibition space which fits, for example, a lecture with approximately 80 people.

The big exhibition hall
- a space for the changing exhibitions of the museum. Its size is approximately 290 m² and it is a popular concert space because of its acoustics. You can order a guided tour as a part of your event. The use of the kitchen is included in the rent. You can cater the event yourself or choose a professional catering service.

Hämeenkatu 3 D
 +358 40 480 1644

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Cumulus City Hyvinkää

Conference Room 1: 24 people
Conference Room 2: 80 people

 Hämeenkatu 2-4
 +358 200 48 113

Restaurant Harlekiini

A cabinet for 25-30 people, a video projector and basic conference equipment. The space is also used for parties. It can be divided into smaller sections.

- the dining hall can be modified into a conference space for 50-60 people. It has a video projector and basic conference equipment. The space is also used for parties of 60-100 people.

 Kauppatori 1
 +358 19 431 465 (In Finnish)

Sky Cabinet

A space on the top floor of the Sampotalo. Fits 15-20 people.
Also used for parties. Includes a sauna.

Hotel Sveitsi

Hotel Sveitsi provides you with a complete service package for a successful conference.

 Härkävehmaankatu 4, 05900 Hyvinkää
 +358 (0)19 458 81


Martinhalli (a sports hall)
- a bright and spacious sports hall of international proportions which is excellent for big events and concerts. An adjustable auditorium which seats 134 – 1000 people.

Martintorinkuja 2
 Reservations at

Youth Spaces
- a clubroom of 66 m² - mainly for small groups.
- a multifunctional space – fits events of over 500 people. The hall has a big stage of 79 m², good lighting and sound equipment.
- cafe with 90 seats, can be used by event organisers
 Reservations at

Tapainlinnan koulu
A 104-seat auditorium; catering by Kirsi Helin +358 (0)40 155 6313
 Torikatu 30
 Reservations at

Vehkojan koulu
A 120-seat auditorium.
Männikkötie 6
Reservations at

Paavolan koulu
A 67-seat auditorium. The use of the AV equipment and keys can be arranged with the property manager, tel. +358 (0)40 837 9402.
Oraskatu 7
Reservations at

Hyria Education

-a 100-seat auditorium
- a catering by restaurant Onnenhattu
 Torikatu 18

- a 80-seat auditorium
Kauppalankatu 18
 +358 50 415 5611/Riitta Hoffren

-a 100-seat auditorium
catering by Marianne Töyrälä tel. +358 50 573 6822
 Uudenmaankatu 249
 Reservations at

See also the atmospheric festivity venues which are suitable for conference use.