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Hyvinkää has amazing cultural destinations which are worth visiting for their history, stories, residents and lovely settings.

The Wool Mill Milieu

The Wool Mill is a unique business, culture and art centre in the heart of Hyvinkää. The Wool Mill provides high-quality and distinguished office and conference facilities to businesses of different sizes, and an excellent venue for events.

The Wool Mill has brought prosperity to Hyvinkää for over a hundred years. Today, when the mill machinery has gone quiet, the massive red bricks hide a versatile, vibrant and networking community, and plenty of opportunities to meet people.

Come and see, for example, the Wool Mill Museum, exhibitions at the art centre for children and young people, Villa Arttu. Have a conference at Studio Donner or in the conference facilities of the Wool Mill and treat yourself at restaurant Obelix or Café Donner.

 Kankurinkatu 4-6, 05800 Hyvinkää
 019 8712 200

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Koskenmaa Manor Cultural Centre

The Koskenmaa Manor Cultural Centre is a cultural destination run by the Theatre Councillor Hilkka Kinnunen Foundation in Hyvinkää’s Myllykylä. The history of the centre goes back to the 1700s. Here you can enjoy both visual and performance art, concerts, hike on the manor’s nature paths and admire wooden sculptures. The manor also has a salmon ladder for the salmon coming from the Gulf of Finland. During the summer, the centre hosts exhibitions and concerts in a unique manor setting.

Here you’ll meet the living legend of musical theatre Hilkka Kinnunen in the flesh, and she will tell you about her long career as an artist. You can have a quiet moment in the manor chapel. It is rented for weddings and christenings. In the café you can enjoy delicious pastries and a good cup of coffee.

Myllykylä, Koskenmaantie 239
 050 583 4165

Humala and Krapula

Humala and Krapula (Intoxication and Hangover) is an interesting atelier milieu. Tyko Sallinen and Jalmari Ruokokoski had these atelier homes built. Terho Sakki lived and worked in the houses after Sallinen and Ruokokoski, and the houses are still in the control of his estate. Come and be enchanted by the setting where you’ll find sculptor Terho Sakki’s works and hear stories about the artists who lived here. The milieu is presented to the public by prior arrangement from June to September.

 Sakinura 11
 050 566 2252
 Seuraa Facebookissa