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Hop on the saddle! How about a relaxing ride on an Icelandic horse with its steady tolt or an efficient sprint with a riding instructor in the riding hall or in the field? Perhaps you are in need of a relaxing ride in nature. Whatever you desire, the Hyvinkää region provides excellent opportunities for riding and training.

Hyvinkään Ratsastuskeskus offers dressage, show jumping and trail riding, and pony lessons for children.

Hyyppäräntie 29
 +358 19 488 951, +358 40 563 4163 (in Finnish)

Hallahuhta offers dressage riding training and full board accommodation.

Hallahuhdantie 123, 05720 Hyvinkää
  +358 500 470 392/ Kari Tuominen, +358 400 470 392/Kirsi Tuominen (In Finnish)

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Jokirannan Ratsastuskoulu offers dressage, show jumping, trail riding and Western riding. During the summer there are also riding camps.

 Hyyppäräntie 91
 +358 40 090 6215  (in Finnish)

Mallun talli offers courses for beginners and those more advanced. There’s also riding for the physically challenged.

 Kuuselantie 32
 +358 400 482 423  (in Finnish)