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Cycling is both an easy way to move around town and to reach nature! Fatbikes take you anywhere in winter, too!

Ring Routes

There are three signposted ring routes for cyclists in the Kytäjä-Usmi area. Together the routes make a 45-kilometer long mountain bike route. However, you won’t need a mountain bike because all of the routes run along roads and forest paths that have good surfaces, however they are unpaved.

Hyvinkään pyörähdys (The Hyvinkää Route), 26.1 km, runs around the city centre. Karhujen pyörähdys (The Bear Route), 10.2 km, and Kytömetsän pyörähdys (The Kytömetsä Route), 17.8 km, lead you to the wilds of the Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor recreation area where you can also find maintained campfire sites and lean-to shelters. The routes have been marked at least in the crossroads with wooden signposts. You can also download the routes straight into your GPS device.

You can also follow the Kaukasten maisematarinat (The Kaukas Landscape Stories) Mobile Route (17 km). Unfortunately the route description is only available in Finnish.

Other Cycling Routes

There are two long cycling routes that start from Hyvinkää. The 51 km long Pikkupässi follows the old railway line to Karkkila. Unfortunately the route description is only available in Finnish.

The Mustijoki RIver Valley Route starts from Hyvinkää and leads you through the rural landscapes of Mäntsälä and Pornainen all the way to Porvoo. There are all kinds of services from accommodation to different activities along the route.

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Bike Rentals and Guided Tours rents fatbikes and organises guided bike tours to the Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor recreation area.

 +358 40 703 4553

Petterin Eräpalvelut
Bike safaris in nature.

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