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Refresh yourself by going on a canoeing or rowing trip. Hyvinkää and its surroundings have both lakes and rivers to explore.

Rowing in Hirvijärvi

Lake Hirvijärvi has an outdoor recreation area that belongs to the city of Hyvinkää. You can rent a rowboat from the lake for 10 euros a day. You pay the rental at the Kytäjä kiosk.

Kytäjäntie 1072
 +358 40 824 1962

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Canoeing trips and Equipment Rentals

Hyvinkään Erämatkat Oy

Guided canoeing tours in open canoes and canoe rentals for independent travellers.
 +358 40 502 3076 (In Finnsih)

Petterin Eräpalvelut

Canoeing trips in open canoes and kayaks. Try something fun and different: ask for a course on capsizing!
 +358 40 6877 647 (In Finnsih)